released October 17, 2012

This came to me in a dream.

"In The Dark" is a project of mysterious collaboration. The musicians involved create and send random segments of sound to each other: no matter how dissonant or melodic, they must ignore the rhythm, meter, tempo, key, tonality, and length of the other segments they have created.

The musicians mustn't discuss anything about the sounds they are making and keep their collaborators "in the dark".

When each member has received all of the recordings from the others, they are to listen to the sounds and arrange all of the segments (in any manner they wish) while contributing musically to make a final piece.

When all of the collaborators finish their compositions, they share their creations with each other.

All music conceived, performed, and recorded by Andreoli/St Aubin/Topham in Massachusetts and New York.



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Joseph Andreoli Easthampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Nightswimmer (Arranged by J. Andreoli)
They've come to save you... or swallow you whole.